United Kingdom
Queen's Own Worcestershire Hussars.

Yeomanry Cavalry traces its roots to 1794 in Worcestershire.
Nine troops were raised again in 1831, as the "Worcestershire Yeomanry Cavalry".
They were awarded he privilege of becoming a Royal Regiment by Queen Victoria in 1837 - receiving dark blue cuff facings.

A specific Hussar uniform was adopted in 1871, replacing the former helmets and coatees.
They changed their name to the "Queen's Own Worcestershire Hussars" in 1888.
The next major change in uniform happened in 1892, the number of braiding rows being notably changed from 4 to 6.

Cartes de Visite Cabinet Cards
"Quarter-Master Nott" "Bourne, Builder" Bourne, later   Lieut. Bourne, 1883