United Kingdom

Cartes-de-Visite, studio G.Evans and R.Wingfield in Worcester
"Bourne, Builder, Worcester Troop"

It is quite interesting to have found two portraits of the same man at different times - showing us the evolution of the Worcestershire Yeomanry uniform.

On the left view, Master Bourne, apparently wearing wearing "on Foot with Side-arms to drill" dress, is wearing the plain blue stable jacket, adorned with 9 silver Buttons, with Forage Cap, (grey ?) trousers, sword an belt, short gloves.

On the right view, he is now apparently a Sergant (the Crown devide over the rank stripes being likely a Regimental Badge), possibly with Drill duties as shown bythe crossed swords on his left sleeve.
He is wearing the Hussar uniform introduced in 1871 :
Astrakhan busby with horsehair scarlet plume, and a white braided scarlet bag.
The tunic is described as "of blue Hussar pattern with four loops of crimson braid".
Dark blue overalls with scarlet cloth stripes.