United Kingdom

Cartes-de-Visite, studio G.Evans in Worcester
"Quarter-Master Nott, Worcester Troop"
"Bourne, Builder, Worcester Troop"
"Worcester Troop"

This interesting series show us the uniforms of the Worcestershire Yeomanry before they were changed to Hussars.

Quarter-Master Nott seems to be wearing "on Foot with Side-arms to drill" dress, with blue Frock Coat, with shoulder scales and (grey ?) trousers adorned with broad scarlet stripes, word and belt, as well as short Gloves.

Master Bourne, in the same Dress Order, is wearing the plain blue stable jacket, adorned with 9 silver Buttons, with Forage Cap, (grey ?) trousers, sword an belt, short gloves.

Both are present in the group photo hereunder, among their fellow Yeomen of the Worcester Troop.
Alll Corporals and Sergeants are wearing a Crown devide over their rank stripes - likely a Regimental Badge.
The forage caps on the ground are all fitted with a peak.