United Kingdom
3rd (King's Own) Hussars

Cartes-de-Visite studio Moffat in Edinburgh

Lieutenant Henry Francis Dent c.1864

Henry Francis Dent, was born in Ribston Hall, Yorkshire, in 1839. He was educated at Eton and Cambridge (Trinity College).
He started his career in the Infantry : he was gazetted an Ensign, by purchase, on October 28, 1859, joining the 2nd Battalion of the 17th Foot.

Due to the Fenian activity in Canada, the 2nd Battalion embarked at Queenstown on board the steamer Cleopatra on December 27 1861 for Halifax. I haven't found though the specific whereabouts of Esign Dent at that very period.

He purchased his commission of Lieutenant on April 14, 1863 - and exchanged into the 3rd Hussars on December 1st, 1863, vice Strother.

The London Gazette published on July 27 1866 :
"3rd Hussars, Lieutenant Henry Francis Dent to be Captain, by purchase, vice Frederick Grant Forsyth Grant, who retires."

The Times tells us that Captain Dent attended the annual regimental dinner of the 3rd Hussars, held on monday evening, May 20 1867 at the albion Tavern, Aldersgate-street. The dinner was attended -among other officers- by Colonel Howard-Vyse and Captain Donaldson.

He left for India with the regiment on board the troopship Serapis, leaving Portsmouth on November 15 1868 for Alexandria.
She reached Valetta, Malta oat midnight on Monady, November 25, reaching Alexandria on the morning of the 29th - to be transferred to the Malabar at Suez.
The Malabar left Suez with the 3d Hussars on December 1st, 1868, reaching Bombay on the 18th inst.

A proper Cavalry officer, Captain Dent took a keen interest in sports, as hinted in Hayes' "Indian Racing Reniniscences" :
"In September, 1869, Lord Marcus Beresford (Nota : Cornet.Marcus Talbot De la Poer Beresford, 7th Hussars) and Captain Joy (Nota : Capt. George Joy, 7th Hussars) ran at Poonah the bay Waler mare, Milliner, with bad luck, as she was defeated three times by Hungarian, and once by Captain Dent's Pioneer: a result which was very galling after bringing the mare all the way from Scalkote in the Punjab.
It was not Milliner's fault, for she was good and honest enough; but the 7th Hussar jockey, Auckland, did not look after her properly in her training. Like many young, strong, and wise men, both before and since, he succumbed to the insidious flutterings of a bit of muslin, and proved an unprofitable servant."

He married Isabella, o.c. of Rev. J.Tomkyns, greenford Rectory, in 1870. His wife will be presented to the Queen at the occasion of a Drawing Room held at Buckingham Palace on May  6, 1872, by her sister-in-law, Mrs. John Dent Dent.

Henry Francis Dent would be gazetted to the rank of Major on January 22d, 1875 :
"3rd Hussars, Major Richard Blundell-Hollinshead-Blundell to be Lieutenant-Colonel, vice
Brevet Colonel E.H.Vyse, made supernumerary on being appointed a Brigadier-General in the East Indies. Dated 4th November, 1874.
Captain Henry Francis Dent to be Major, vice by purchase, vice R.Blundell-Hollinshead-Blundell. Dated 4th November, 1874.
Lieutenant Benjamin Louis Gilson to be Captain, vice H.F.Dent. Dated 4th November, 1874.
Riding-Master William George Matthews to be Lieutenant, vice B.L.Gilson. Dated 23rd Januray, 1875."

He would not remain long with the 3rd Hussars, exchanging into the 7th Dragoon Guards vice Major Arthur Hare Vincent on April 28 1875.

That did not prevent him from attending the annual regimental dinner of the 3rd Hussars, held at the Criterion, Regent-Circus on May 24, 1875.

The London Gazette published on January 22 1878 :
"7th Dragoon Guards, Major Henry Francis Dent retires from the Service, receiving the value of his Commission. Dated 23rd January, 1878."

Henry Francis Dent apparently was much of a sportsman, and is frequently mentioned in articles about fox-hunting or pigeon shooting. His dogs won multiple prizes at Agricultural Shows.
He lived at Menethorpe, near Malton, and was Master of the Bedale Hounds from 1878 to 1884, and 1896 to 1898.
He was a member of several Clubs : Army aand Navy ; Yorkshire, York.

The photograph was produced by John Moffat, who operated his studio at 103, Princess Street from 1861 to 1873 ; the 3d Hussars moved from Dublin to Scotland in April 1863 ; they then moved to Manchester by mid-1864.
Lieutenant Dent exchanged into the 3rd Hussars on December 1st, 1863, which helps further narrow down the timeframe.

A portrait of Major Henry Francis Dent was published in 1884 in Naily's magazine (42:203. Joseph Brown sc. after photo)