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Colonel Edward Howard-Vyse

Edward Howard-Vyse was born on 15 october 1826 in Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire. He was also born in an illustrious military family : great-grandson of Field Marshall Sir George Howard, grandson of General Richard Vyse and son of Colonel Richard William Howard-Vyse - a soldier and an Egyptologist, whose military background famously showed when he made his way into  the Great Pyramid of Giza in 1837 - using dynamite and gunpowder !

Edward Howard-Vyse strongly associated with the 3rd King's Own Hussars : he purchased his commission as a Cornet on 21 august 1849. He'll purchase the commissions of  Lieutenant on 3 february 1854, Captain on 17 february 1857, Major on 10 June 1862 and Lieutenant Colonel on 18 october 1864. He'll be promoted to Colonel on 18 october 1869 (while still being Lieutenant Colonel of the 3rd Hussars).

The 1875 Army Lists teaches us that he combines his regimental command with the post of "Brigadier General commanding Sind District, Bombay". The 3rd Hussars are in Mhow then - a famously unhealthy station.

On 23 april 1880, he'll be promoted to Major General - "on unattached pay" (being 1 5s per diem).

On 23 september 1891, he'll become Colonel of his 3rd Hussars. He's an "Honorary Lieutenant General" by then. He'll keep this Colonelcy until his death on 26 january 1901.

 The 1881 census informs us that he lives in Newland Street, The Lawn, Witham, Essex, with his family. He had married Mary Norcliffe (the families were apparently strongly linked). She had sailed for India on board the Indian Relief Troopship Crocodile, leaving Portsmouth on November 26 1868. 
The details of their children is a testimony to the life of an officer's family (the 3rd Hussars were posted in India from November 1868 to 1879) :
- Ethel was born in 1869 in Ahmedmaygar, Bombay, India ;
Cecil was born in 1872 in Ahmedmaygar, Bombay, India ;
- George Aubrey was born in 1874 in Langton, Yorkshire ;
- Richard was born in 1879 in Karrachee, India ;
- Mary Rosamond was born c. 1880 in Witham, Essex

His three sons will follow track in the military career.