United Kingdom
2nd West York Yeomanry Cavalry

The ever knowledgeable Dave Knight provided the following enlightnening comments about that Regiment :
"The uniform was inspired by that of the 6th Dragoon Guards, a regiment which wore the light dragoon tunic with white facings and a heavy cavalry helmet. There is a very rare regimental history by Benson Freeman and I wrote an article on the uniform, which was published in the Bulletin of the Military Historical Society, Vol 51, No 201, August 2000, pp3-18.
They were never hussars. The braid for other ranks was yellow and the overall stripes were double white. Officers had gold lace. The regiment was disbanded in 1894 due to a lack of officers willing to serve. In its day, it was regarded as one of the most efficient corps. They had troops at Halifax (two), Bradford and Huddersfield. Raised in 1843, they were originally called the Morley and Asbrigg Yeomanry. "

After disbandment, many of the former West Yorks joined the Yorkshire Dragoons - but there is no filiation between the two units.