United Kingdom
3rd Light Dragoons

Carte de Visite studio James Robinson in Dublin

Officer in mess dress

This dignified officer is sporting a most ornate mess kit, the details of which are a pleasure to behold.

The stable jacket we can see here is quite different from the better known 3rd Hussars Mess Dress (especially with respects to the pointed cuff lace), but a copy of the very same photograph is published in the excellent "Regiment Magazine, Issue 33, "British Light Cavalry: Light Dragoons and Hussars 1685-1914" with the legend :

" This is thought to be Surgeon-Major William Orde Mackenzie c1859. Born in 1815 he became a Surgeon in the 1st Dragoon Guards in 1841, served later in this capacity in the 5th and 82nd Foot and joined the 3rd Light Dragoons in January, 1854. He retired on half pay in 1866 and died in 1898."

The 3rd Light Dragoons had been stationed in Ireland since 1858 - they would go to Edinburgh in 1863.
Their title would be changed to "3rd (The King's Own) Hussars" on August 17th, 1861.