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10th (Prince of Wales's Own) Hussars

Albert Edward as Colonel of the 10th Prince of Wales's Own Hussars

"Bertie" was appointed Colonel of the 10th Hussars on 18 april 1863.

Those photos show the distinctive elements of the 10th Hussars uniform :
- Busby with red bag ; plume of white feathers, lower third covered with black feathers ;
- Specific sabretache pattern ; it is faced with scarlet cloth and embroidered with the Prince of Wales's plumes and motto scrolls. The edge is gold laced.
- Distinctive chained pouch belt ;
- Specific Patrol Jacket pattern.

They also show the special cuff embroidered design for colonels. The two photos on the left show the pre-1880 collar rank badges ; for colonel, a crown and a star (same as captain, but the collar and cuff lace braidings were quite different). The last photo show the later ranking system.

The top right photo is an albumen print pasted on a (cropped) album page. It is to be noted that the National Portrait Gallery holds photographs of Prince Edward in the same outfit and with the same props. These are the work of Bassano and supposed to be dating from 1871.

As for the bottom right photo, Downey's 61 Edbury Street studio was supposed to be active 1880-90.


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