United Kingdom
West Somerset Yeomanry

Cabinet Card by Thomas Goldsworthy-Crump, Taunton

West Somerset Yeomanry, c. 1885-90

This very evocative photograh shows a mounted trooper in Taunton, the Head-Quarters of the West Somerset Yeomanry.

He is sporting the light dragoons pattern tunic, with five rows of white braiding. The tunic is blue with scarlet facings.
The Hussar busby replaced the light Dragoons shako in 1885.
On this photograph we can see the 1853 pattern sabre, which was replaced in the regiment in 1894 by the 1885 pattern (with a Maltese Cross pierced guard).
A crupper can be noticed - these usually ceased to be used in the yeomanry from the late 1880s or early 90s according to Dave Knight.

The photographer is Thomas Goldsworthy Crump, returned by the 1881 census as an "Artist & Teacher of Drawing", aged 39, married to Selina (38).
They had married in Bath in 1867, and by 1881 were the parents of Thomas (12) and Louisa (10).
They lived at 151, East Reach, Taunton. Thomas Goldsworthy Crump died in 1901.

Interestingly a "T. Goldsworthy-Crump", likely our former "12 years old son", was a Sergeant in the National Reserve, taking place in a meeting set up by the Taunton Recruiting Committee in September 1914.

Many thanks to Dave Knight