United Kingdom
The Royal Gloucestershire Hussars

The first volunteers troops were raised from 1797 in Gloucestershire, to be disbanded in 1827 when the French threats were appeased. They would be raised again in 1830 by landowners further to agricultural riots. Those troops joined to form the Gloucestershire Yeomanry in 1834.

Queen Victoria granted them the title "Royal" in 1843. Moustaches were made compulsory in 1846, and it was specified that "where it is impossible to grow the article substitutes may be supplied from the barbers" ! 
Definitely a necessary measure before changing titles to 'Royal Gloucestershire Hussars' in 1847.

The uniform displays a special colour known as Badminton Blue, slightly lighter and more grayish than the usual army blue ; braiding is yellow. Of note is the simple pattern of the trefoil on the cuff. The barrel sash is scarlet and yellow.The trousers are adorned with a wide yellow stripe. The busby bag is scarlet, and the plume is white over red.

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