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Hand-coloured photo pasted on an album page

A social gathering, featuring George Troyte-Bullock, West Somerset Yeomanry,
and Thomas Fraser Grove, Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry 

This photograph interestingly provides us with a colourful interpretation of those fantastic dresses worn in the XIXth Century.
It is to be noted that the artist missed out the scarlet cuff facings sported by the two officers (the beard-obscured collars should be the same colour).

George TROYTE-BULLOCK (October 16th 1829-1913) was the son of George BULLOCK, of North Cocker, and Maria-Caroline GROVE.
He was actually born George-Troyte BULLOCK, but had, "in conformity with the will of his maternal relative, the Rev. Edward-Berkely Troyte, LL.D. of Huntsham Court, co. Devon, who d. 9 May 1852, (...) assumed, by royal license, the surname of TROYTE, in addition to, and before that of Bullock, and the arms of Troyte quarterly, with is own familiy arms".

He was commissioned an Ensign in the 1st Somerset Regiment of Militia on January 13th, 1853, and was promoted to Lieutenant on August 1st, 1854.

He was gazetted a Lieutenant ("with the pay of Cornet") in the West Somerset Regiment of Yeomanry Cavalry on October 16, 1857. He will serve with the Regiment until July 1868, when he will resign his appointment.

The following year, he would be appointed a Captain in the 8th Wiltshire Rifle Volunteer Corps, "vice Chafyn-Grove, deceased". He will resign this Commission on November 4th, 1874.

He would change his name again when he inherited from his cousin Julia CHAFYN-GROVE (who died in 1891),adopting that surname as per her will.
He had married Emily-Lucy PORTMAN on July 20th, 1856 - she would die on November 8th inst. in Geneva. He married Alice WELBY in 1860 - they will have six children, among whom the future Lieutenant-Colonel Edward-George TROYTE-BULLOCK, who will command the Dorset Yeomanry.

Thomas-Fraser GROVE (1821-1897) was the eldest son of John GROVE, of Ferne, Wiltshire. He entered the Army in 1842 (he purchased a Cornetcy on September 2nd), and served with the 6th Inniskilling Dragoons until 1849 (sold out as a Captain on November 2nd). He sat as a Liberal for South Wiltshire 1865-75, and for the Wilton Division, 1885-92. He had married first Katharine-Grace, second daughter of Hon. Walter O'Grady, Q.C., of Castle Garde, County Limerick,in 1847 (she died in 1879), and second, Frances-Hinton, daughter of Henry Northcote, of Okefield, Devon, and widow successively of Captain Herbert Crosse and Hon. Fred. B. Best. He was created baronet in 1874, and was deputy-lieutenant and Justice of the Peace of Wiltshire, and High Sheriff 1861-62, as well as a Justice of the Peace for Dorset 1862-62.

He was commissioned a Cornet in the Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry, dated August 17th, 1852, and served in the Chippenham Troop. He was promoted to Lieutenant on March 26th, 1853. He regained his former Army rank of Captain on May 10th, 1856. He will be promoted to the rank of Major on November 16th, 1876, and  will rise to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel and the command of the Regiment - a command he will resign in 1888.

On this photograph he holds the Light Dragoons pattern kepi that will later be replaced by the Hussar busby.

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