United Kingdom

Carte-de-Visite, studio A.Claudet in London

Cornet in Levée Dress

This Cornet is in Levée dress (as shown by the Mameluke sword), yet somehow manages to keep as dishevelled look !
It's a pity,for identification purposes, that both busby bag and sabretaches are hidden.

Still it is interesting to note that the lace on his collar covers both upper and lower sections of said collar.
This hints that our Cornet could belong, not to the Regular Cavalry, but rather to a Yeomanry Regiment.
This would match the general feeling of the picture : the somehow unkempt uniform, the very clear aspect of the lace, and the relatively advanced age of the sitter to be a mere Cornet.

A. Claudet operated at 107 Regent St. from 1852 to 1868.