United Kingdom
1st Sikh Irregular Cavalry
(Probyn's Horse)

Unmounted print
Indian Army Officers - Details
Here are some details of this fascinating photograph.

Sitting Officer - Second from left

Sadly the details of the pouch belts can't really be made out.

A symbol can be guessed on the belt plate though - and the workmanship of the basket hilt is impressive.

Standing Officer

He is wearing the ribbon for the Indian Mutiny Medal. The detail of the fabric of his trousers is most interesting.


Officer sitting to the right

He is sporting miniatures of Medals:
- The Medal to the right is the Indian Mutiny Campaign Medal.
- The Medal to the left is another Campaign Medal, with a Clasp.

It is interesting to note that his gauntlet is fitted with strips of chain mail (as is the gauntlet worn by his fellow officer).