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4th (Queen's Own) Hussars

Carte-de-Visite studio Nagretti & Zambra in Crystal Palace
Alexander George Montgomery-Moore in 1880

Alexander George Montgomery-Moore was a descendant of Nelson, the son of Alexander Montgomery-Moore, of Garvey House, Co. Tyrone.

He was educated at Eton, and purchased his commission as a Cornet in the 7th Dragoon Guards on 13 decembre 1850.

He became Lieutenant on 6 july 1852, Captain on 9 may 1856 and was placed on half pay soon afterwards, on 10 november 1856.

He married Hon. Jane Colborne on 30 Sep 1857 and resumed active service with the 4th Dragoon guards on 9 october 1857. From 1858 to 1860 he served on the Staff of the Commander-in-Chief in Ireland. In 1861 he transferred to the 4th Light Dragoons (soon to be renamed 4th Hussars). He was promoted to Major (without purchase) on 17 september 1867, and Lieutenant-Colonel on 23 december 1868, commanding the Regiment.

We learn from The Times that he attended the annual regimental dinner held by the Officers of his first Regiment, the 7th (Princess Royal's) Dragoon Guards, at the Albion, Aldergate-street, on June 1 1872.

He was promoted to the rank of Colonel on 23 december 1873 (remaining the Lieutenant-Colonel commanding the 4th Hussars).

Colonel Moore was placed on half-pay in 1880,  Major Frank Montague being promoted Lieutenant-Colonel and appointed his successor at the head of the 4th Hussars on 21 june 1880.
He was Assistant  Adjutant-General, Dublin District, from 1880 to 1885.

A.G.M. Moore will be promoted to Major general on 30 december 1884. 

In  1886 he was appointed G.O.C., Belfast District, and in 1887 G.O.C., Dover District, where he remained until 1891. He was promoted to Lieutenant General on 10 march 1892. He had just been appointed colonel of the 18th Hussars on 4 january 1892. He'll be promoted to General on 4 july 1896. He'll remain colonel of the 18th Hussars until 9 july 1904, when he became Colonel of his old regiment, the 4th Hussars. He'll lead the 4th Hussars through the Great War, being succeeded by Maj-Gen. Sir Reginald Walter Ralph Barnes, KCB, DSO on 18 january 1919.

Sir Alexander George Montgomery Moore,  had also been provisional General Governor of Canada from 15 july 1893 to 17 september 1893. The 1898 Army List state that he received a "Reward for Distinguished or Meritorious Services" that year. He was made Knight Commander of the Bath on 23 may 1900 by the Queen. 
He died at Worthing on january 17th, 1919, aged 85.

The carte-de-visite is hand marked "july 1880". He's wearing the badges of rank of colonel on his collar - those will be shifted to the shoulder boards that very year. This photo gives a clear view of the cuff embroideries (for Lieutenant-Colonels and Colonels) and the old "Light Dragoons" pouch belt pattern.

Extracts from the London Gazette