United Kingdom

3rd (King's Own) Hussars

W.H. Jacob Studio Mounted Photograph

Post Boer War 3rd Hussars Staff Sergeant Farrier 

Clear view of the interesting Arm Badges ; the Horse is the "Sergeant Badge" of the 3rd Hussars.
The Horseshoe denotes the Farrier qualification.

The collar of the 3rd Hussars is red - though it doesn't show on that photograph.

He looks to be wearing the Queen's South Africa (QSA) Medal with three clasps.

The QSA medal rolls indicate two Staff Sergeant Farriers in the 3rd Hussars :
- Duke,E.,2498,Staff Sergeant Farrier (clasps Orange Free State,Transvaal,1902)
- Voisey,G.,2738,Staff Sergeant Farrier (clasps Orange Free State,Transvaal,1901,1902)

With respect to the number of clasps, our sitter is most likely E. Duke.

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