United Kingdom

19th Hussars

Carte-de-Visite, the London Stereoscopic & Photographic Company

Field Officer in the 1860s

This photograph shows some interesting elements.

We know that this gentleman in a Field Officer thanksto his elaborate cuff braiding. His badges of rank, worn on the collar, cannot alas be distinguished.

We know that he belongs to the 19th Hussars as he is sporting the early full dress sabretache (in 1874 the 19th Hussars will be awarded the Battle Honours of the Old 19th Light Dragoons, and the "19H" symbol will be replaced by the Elephant) :

 There is however a puzzling element with the Busby ; the plume is white as should be, but the busby bag should be white - which certainly is not the case here.

A collector has hand marked "19th Hussars 1863-5" on the back of the photograph ; the photo certainly dates from the early 1860s, as the London Stereoscopic & Photographic Company's backplate boasts of being "Sole Photographers to the International Exhibition 1862".

The 19th Light Dragoons, raised in 1858 from the former East Indian Company Cavalry, had been changed to Hussars in 1862. That carte-de-visite may date from around the time the busbies were first provided.