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15th (The King's) Hussars

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Major Burrell, 15th Hussars

Bryan Burrell was born on July 15th, 1839, the eldest son of Major Bryan Burrell, of Broome-Park, Alnwick, Northumberland.

He was gazetted a Cornet in the 15th Light Dragoons without purchase, vice Penfold, promoted on December 7th, 1857. The regiment was then stationned in Ireland.
Burrell was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Walker on September 23d, 1859.
He became a Captain by purchase, vice William Veall Greetham, who retire(d) on February 22d, 1861.

Later that year, the regiment was changed from Light Dragoons to Hussars.
The 15th Hussars were removed from Ireland to Scotland in April 1864.

The Newcastle Courant reported in its October 28th, 1864 edition, that Captain Burrell, 15th Hussars, was amongst the company attending the Alnwick Sessions Ball :
"This annual gathering of the county families of Northumberland was held on Thursday evening. By permission of his grace the Duke of Northumberland the ball was held in the splendid suite of Assembly Rooms in the Market Place. The attendance was more numerous than it has been for several years. The ball was opened by a contre dance, led off by the Sheriff of the county (Mr Ames, of Linden) and Mrs Bryan Burrell, of Broome Park ; followed in rapid succession by quadrilles, valses, and gallops. The invigorating dance was kept up with much spirit until an early hour next morning. (...)"

The following year, Captain Burrell ran his horses in the 15th Hussars' Steeplechases.
The Caledonian Mercury tells that the races "took place (on April 17th) at Mr Steedman's farm of Boghall, six miles south of Edinburgh. (...)The morning was cloudy and wet, and owing to this cause the attendence of the public was not so large as it might otherwise have been. In the afternoon the weather was all that could be desired (...)".
Captain Burrell rode his black gelding "Tom Steele" in a race for a 25 sovereigns purse - drawing the first place with Mr. G.Walker's brown gelding "Friday".
He rode his chestnut gelding "Magic" for the REGIMENTAL WHIP, a race he finished in the 3rd place.
He rode again "Tom Steele" in a CONSOLATIONS STAKES race, finishing 1st just before "Friday".

He attended the regimental dinner that took place at the London Tavern, Bishopsgate-street, on Monday, May 20th, 1867.

Captain Burrell also took part in the 15th Hussars 1868 regimental races, held along the Norfolk and Norwich Hunt Steeplechases on March 25th and 26th.
On the first day, he ran for the 15th HUSSARS REGIMENTAL CHALLENGE CUP, riding Mr.Cookson's chestnut mare "Honesty", and finishing fourth. His own brown mare "Kitten" was also entered, but did not run.
He rode and won the HUNTER'S PLATE on the same "Honesty" - his black gelding "Tommy Steele" here also entered but not running. He also rode Mr. Briscoe's brown gelding "Hussar" for the CHARGERS STAKES, a race he finished third.
On the second racing day, he rode Mr.Briscoe's gelding "David" and was runner up for A CHALLENGE CUP

A few days later, on March 31st, he was gazetted a Major, by purchase, vice William Edington Stuart, who retire(d) (dated April 1st).

The head-quarters of the 15th Hussars left Norwich for York on April 14th, 1868.
They will stay there for over a year before embarking for India, as related by The Times on August
14th, 1869 : 
"Yesterday the troopship Simoom arrived in the Mersey from Quebec, and landed the 13th Hussars, consisting of 19 officers, 7 officers' wives, and 10 officers' children, 403 men, 71 women, and 103 children. In the course of the day the troops left for York, and the Simoom at once proceeded to take on board the 15th Hussars, from York, and will take them round to Portsmouth, en route for Chichester, whence they will shortly leave for India."

Major Burrell will proceed to India with the regiment, as told by The Times on Monday, November 15th, 1869 :
"(...) Her Majesty's Indian relief screw troopship Serapis, Captain John Soady, embarked the following troops at Portsmouth on Saturday, and zas under orders to sail for Alexandria at daylight this morning :-15th Hussars - Col. Wygram, Majors Burrell and Swindley, Surg.-Major Stewart ; Capts. Pearson, Humphreys, Walker, Maxwell, Gregory, Luck, and Langtry ; Lieuts. Brown, Blackett, Body, Bryan, White, Beck, and Davison ; Cornets Cookson, Kay, Hamilton, Sullivan, Ronnell, Smirke, and Holland ; Adjt. Briscoe, Paymaster Lascelle, wife, and child, Assist.-Surgs. Renton and Martin ; Ridingmasters Robinson and Stainland, and Veterinary-Surg. Healy. (...) 460 non-commissioned officers and men, 56 women, 73 children (...)"

The 15th Hussars were to be taken over by the troopship Malabar at Suez - amidst the turmoils and celebrations of the opening of the Suez Canal.
They took over the horses and quarters of the 2d Dragoon Guards at Mhow.

Major Burrell will retire from the service, receiving the value of his commission, on March 9th, 1872.