United Kingdom

14th (King's) Hussars

A 14th Hussars lieutenant

I hard a hard time sorting that officer's regiment (and it doesn't help that the busby bag doesn't show).

There are first two regiments he obviously doesn't belong to :
- The 10th Regiment's pouch belt had a very distinctive "chainy" pattern; so he's not 10th ;
- The 11th Regiment's collar was "V" shaped. So he's not 11th ;

I proceeded with order ; he's got a regular Light Dragoon pattern pouch belt, and his busby sports a full white plume :
- The 4th Regiment's busby had a scarlet plume. So he's not 4th ;
- The 7th Regiment's pouch belt did not have chains and prickers. So he's not 7th, all the more as he doesn't wear his busby lines the same"short" way ;
- The 8th Regiment's pouch belt did not have chains and prickers. So he's not 8th (the plume doesn't fit either) ;
- The 15th Regiment's pouch belt did not have chains and prickers. So he's not 15th (the plume doesn't fit either) ;
- The 18th Regiment's plume has the lower third covered with scarlet feathers (from 1878 ; before it was fully green). So he's not 18th ;
- The 20th Regiment had a crimson plume. So he's not 20th ;

That leaves us with potentially the 3rd, 13th, 14th, 19th or 21st hussars. 

Let's have a closer look at the pouch belt ; it was decorated with a colour stripe in the center. At first it looks white - but experience tells that photographic renderings of that material is very deceiptive (as it is for the medal ribbons) ;and if you look at the part of the belt to the very left, you can see that it is considerably darker than the reflections would let us think - and more specifically not white as appears at first glance.
3rd Hussars :  red stripe ;
13th Hussars : white stripe, So he's not 13th ;
14th Hussars : orange stripe ;
19th Hussars : white stripe, So he's not 19th ;
- 2
1st Hussars : blue stripe ;

Furthermore it can be seen that the prickers are covered with a plate that is decorated with a crown like design. It does not seem to be the case for Officers from either the 3rd or the 21st Hussars. Would our Hussar be a lieutenant in the 14th ?

Struggling for a glimpse of the busby bag, I realized that something was missing : it's not obvious dueto the cut of the photo, but there is no boss under the busby plume. This was a long standing custom with the officers of 14th Hussars, that will eventually be officially sanctionned in the Dress Regulations for Officers of the Army in 1900.

The photographer, Maull & Co, operated at the mentioned addresses bewteen 1873 and 1878. The 14th Hussars were in England 1874-75.