United Kingdom

likely 11th (Prince Albert's Own) Hussars

James H. McLean Studio Cabinet Card, Dublin

a Hussar from the 11th c. 1888

Itis not always easy to identify which Regiment a Hussar belong to. This is specifically true for Troopers, who display less Regimental particularities than Officers. But we can always give it a good go !

The first thing to look into is the bi-coloured pattern of his plume. Four Regiments sported such a plume on their busbies :
the 8th : White over Red ;
the 10th : White over Black ; this black base always shows much darker on period photographs than our example ; so they're out.
- the 11th (White over Crimson) ;
- the 18th (White over Scarlet).

The busby bags color don't help us here, but the busby itself is of the shorter pattern that was introduced in 1888.
The sword is of the 1822 light cavalry pattern - we don't get much there, but the scabbard hanging system was changed c. 1885, the new ones being attached on front and back.
This hussar is still sporting a sabretache - that was discontinued for lower ranks about 1890.

Now that all gives us a good idea of the time period whan that photo was taken - somewhere around the 1888-1890 timeframe. This by the way is very consistent with the style of the Cabinet Card itself, as well as the haircut of our man.

Where were our suspected regiments then ?
- The 8th was in India from 1878 to 1891 (then England until 1897) ; they're out !
- The 11th was...in Dublin in 1888 ;
- The 18th was in Dublin (!) 1884-86 then England in 1887 ; the 1888 busby pattern rules this one out.

The 11th Hussas sported red breeches, but period photographs don't always show a difference in colour with the tunic (seeing it is actually quite rare). So our man is proudly bearing the 11th Hussars colours.