United Kingdom

Royal Horse Artillery

Carte-de-Visite, studio A.U.Endacott in Farnboro

RHA and Hussar privates

This photo allows for easy comparison of the two uniforms.

It is not a great quality document, but it couldn't be more *spot on* for my subject !
So thank you guys for that photo together.

Farnborough is in the close vicinity of Aldershot.
An "Alex. Endacott" was operating a photographer's studio in London in 1884-85 and 1886 (with an associate). The backplate of this CDV states that he has been "Established 14 years (in Farnboro)".
This would lead us c. 1900, which is quite consistent with the look of these gentlemen ; they may well have taken a photograph prior to sailing to South Africa.