United Kingdom

Royal Horse Artillery

Cabinet Card Atelier Cobb & Challis in Woolwich

Lieutenant in the RHA

This early Cabinet Card displays the beautiful full dress uniform of a Lieutenant  in the Royal Horse Artillery (rank shown by the simple Austrian knot as cuff ornament, as well as the Crown displayed on the collar).

Woolwich had a long association with the Royal Regiment of Artillery, being the location of its Headquarters, as well as hosting many Batteries.

The Cobb & Challis backplate proudly state that they held "Special Appointment to the Royal Military Academy and to S.A.I. Monseigneur le Prince Impérial".

Le Prince Impérial joined the Academy at Woolwich by mid-1872. He died in 1879 in the Zulu War.

This photograph came with an album page richly illustrated by R. Caton Woodville. Other such album pages are shown here :
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